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Estilad® Touch

Estilad® Touch

A purified, viscous and transparent gel as part of a soft Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, the main component which augments body volume without surgery

Estilad® Touch is a soft tissue agent and filler, it is primarily used in injection into the deep dermis and superficial layer of the subcutaneous tissue of the face, to remove fine lines and wrinkles, correction of both cleft lip, can reduce the visible appearance of scarring also improving congenital eyelid malposition, including eyelid retraction, ectropion, euryblepharon, epiblepharon, and abnormalities associated with a shallow orbit, by injecting of Estilad® Touch in the pretarsal and/or septal regions of the affected eyelid.

A low risk of infection, extrusion, migration or granulomatous formation

Consistently creates natural filling of areas and/or augmentation of facial contour with reproducible results

Cost efficiency
The treatment has minimal downtime and an expense inverse to the duration

The treatment is adjusted to the needs and demands of patient, with minimum discomfort and recovery time, resulting in high level of comfort and satisfaction

Product Features

1 graduated sterile pre-filled syringes of 1 ml
1 x 1 ml and 1 needle 27 G

Resorbable monoplastic implant

HA Concentration
Free Hyaluronic Acid 22 mg/ml

HA Origin
Biofermentation, non-animal origin

Composition in each ml contains
Sodium hyaluronate 22 mg
Sodium chloride (NaCI) 9.0 mg
Disodium hydrogenphosphate (Na2HPO4.12H20) 0.555 mg
Sodium dihydrogenphosphate (NaH2PO4.1-120) 0.039 mg
Water for injection

Particle size range: 280

— 150pm

BDDE (ppm)
Not more than 2pg/g

Endotoxines (Eu/mg)
Less than 0.25EU/mg



Implantation life
6-12 months, depending on depth and location of injection

Don’t let your age affect your beauty
Stay young forever
Estilad® Touch is indicated to:

Estilad® Touch is indicated to:

01-Remove fine lines and wrinkles
02-Adjust skin folds
03-Correct the cleft lip
04-Correct eyelid malposition