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Estilad® VG Tightening Gel

Estilad® VG Tightening Gel

Manjakani extract plays an important role in treating vaginal disorders and it is considered an incredible astringent with miraculous properties

Estilad® VG Tightening Gel works well on restoring vaginal elasticity, including vagina tightening, healing vaginal tissue, improving women vitality, reducing excessive vaginal discharge, delaying and reversing vaginal atrophy, preventing and healing genital prolapse.

  • The Aloe Vera extract found in Estilad® VG Tightening Gel provides softness and elasticity
  • The Hamamelis extract, brings a soothing effect to the skin

Don’t let your age affect your beauty
Stay young forever
Product Features

Product Features

01-Anti-aging VG Tightening Gel, packed in 30ml airless bottle
02-Tightens the vagina
03-Restores vaginal elasticity
04-Provides softness and elasticity
05-Soothes the skin
Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

01-Manjakani extract 8,00%
02-Aloe Vera 10,00%
03-Hammamelis extract 10,00%