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Estilad® Whitening Cream

Estilad® Whitening Cream

A whitening cream formulated with Chromabright®, designed to constrain tyrosinase activity

In order to see immediate results on the skin, Estilad® Whitening Cream incorporates interference pigments. Interference pigments are microscopic mirrors spread along the surface of the skin when cream is applied. These mirrors are responsible for diffusing the light in different directions, allowing the skin to acquire a greater luminosity and a unified tone.

Don’t let your age affect your beauty
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Product Features

Product Features

01-Whitening cream, packed in 50ml container
02-Constrains tyrosinase activity
03-Greater inhibition of melanogenesis than Arbutin, MAP and Kojic Acid
04-Depigmenting activity similar to Hydroquinone without toxicity
05-Excellent stability in formulations
06-Impeccable toxicological file
07-Non photosensitive
08-Photo protective action
09-The activity of depigmentation has been demonstrated in vivo and in vitro essays
Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients