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Estiform Mesocode

Estiform Mesocode

Estiform Mesocode injects hyaluronic acid and other treatments into skin for a soft, smooth and bright effect

By increasing the transdermal absorption ratio, Estiform Mesocode will deliver nutrients and other treatments to subcutaneous tissue. Estiform Mesocode promotes metabolism, treats dehydrated, dull, dry skin, fine lines and other skin conditions.

Estiform Mesocode Mesotherapy Device includes additional functions:
  • Micro-penetration
  • Moisturizing
  • Mesotherapy
  • Electroporation

Technology principle:
EPM (Electroporation Microchip) is a system that combines electroporation and microchip transdermal technology. EPM technology can penetrate the protective barrier of cuticle to establish micro-channels, and insert nutrition through these channels directly into subcutaneous tissue. Until will reach the mesoderm layer. Once nutrition is absorbed by mesoderm, results will start taking, like promoting the circulation of capillaries, accelerate metabolism of cells and resist cells aging.

Penetration Depth: Epidermal base layer 0.15 -0.1mm

Electroporation technology:
Electroporation is a technique, where by using direct electric pulse (us-ms), will create temporary lipid bilateral aqueous channels. Electroporation is applied directly on skin, in order to change the permeability of skin tissue and create a temporary reversible lipid bilateral aqueous channel, to increase the permeability of the cell membrane, to achieve desired penetration effect of the active ingredient, allowing hydrophilic molecules, those that could not be absorbed before, to be penetrated and inserted into cells.

Penetration Depth: Dermis layer 0.8 -0.3mm


1. Light-weight applicator, easy to handle and operate
Ergonomically designed applicator, similar to body natural shape, can be operated easily, can reduce hand fatigue.

2. Microchip
Laser trimming technology is applied, the microchip is manufactured with hollow micro-needles, therefore nutrition will be transmitted to mesoderm of skin. This microchip is an innovation from spot to area treatment. According to various requirements, can provide optional treatment plans by using multi-nutrient contents such as Hyaluronic Acid, Liquid Oligopeptide, Minoxidil Tonic and others.

3. Zero trauma, comfortable and painless
Based on Mesotherapy Theory, under high-speed precision motors, Estiform Mesocode Device can spray the nutrient solution in ultra-fine, straight lined status and insert into the base layer of skin, as 0.1 mm to 0.15 mm depth, and avoid damages to epidermal cells. Estiform Mesocode is an innovative needle-free water injection device. Can provide zero trauma, comfortable and painless treatment, avoid pain, erythema and swelling by needle injection method.

Before & After:

After first treatment, the skin is moist and flexible. After a treatment plan, large pores, rough skin and other skin conditions will improve significantly. There will be no dryness or skin peeling as water-holding capacity will increase. For long-term treatments, dry and fine lines will visibly reduce, skin will have lifting effect and firm appearance. After two months of hair treatment, hair loss will reduce, new hair growth will gradually increase, hair root will be more robust and nutrition of scalp will improve considerably.

Technical Specifications:

Additional System features
  • Electroporation Level 5-1
  • Contact depth Level 5-1
  • Dosage Level 5-1
  • Frequency 5 -1Hz
  • Presetting Yes

  • Microneedle F Model: 5  H Model: 6
  • Microneedle altitude 0.5mm
  • Microneedle diameter 0.1mm
  • Micro channel F Model:5  H Model: 6
  • Micro channel diameter 0.05mm
  • Treatment area   F Model: 13mm×18mm    H Model: 13mm×12.5mm
  • Microchip area    F Model: 8.2mm×8.2mm   H Model: 5.5mm×8.6mm
  • Machine size                 (L×W×H)30.2cm×27.2cm×12.6cm
  • Internal packaging size(L×W×H)33.0cm×33.0cm×20.0cm
  • External packaging size(L×W×H)  38.0cm×38.0cm×27.0cm
  • N.W. 2.5kg
  • G.W. 4Kg
  • Electrical Input:240 -100VAC, 2A, 60-50HZ      Output: DC 12V 4A

EPM Electroporation Microchip
Clinical demonstration